Architectural Project Inception Project Inception in Mesa

Sketch Architecture Company strives to establish and maintain a creative, trusting and cohesive working relationship with each client, which begins at the Project Inception phase.

Sketch Architecture Company has experience on many types of projects. Our years of experience have taught us that each project is unique and should be treated as such. As we begin the process of planning the project, we utilize a holistic approach to help our clients visualize their needs and their wants. Relationships, patterns of communication, work and decision-making protocol are set in the project inception phase of the project.

Dynamic Architects

Sketch Architecture Company is experienced and resourceful, with a dynamic view of project development. Our experience includes many building types, including religious, education, medical, commercial, remodels, maintenance assessments, historical restoration, and many others. We are able to utilize this knowledge and create unique and beautiful solutions for our clients.

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How the Process Works

For projects of all sizes, having a clear path will help establish the “road map” to a successful project. The site, building, exterior design, and interior build-out are discussed, and parameters set. The budget for the project is identified and the initial planning begins.

We view each part of both the planning and document stages as equally important in determining a successful outcome. Sketch Architecture Company will work hard to ensure each step, through this process, will lead to the success of the project.

With Sketch Architecture Company working with you, your vision will be realized, completed on time, and with respect to your budget.

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